Monday, 28 February 2011

Part two continued

Collecting my work Wednesday morning and looking forward to seeing what parts need editing.
Quick turnaround hopefully then hand it in for binding.........exciting times...............

Friday, 25 February 2011

Part two

I have had a message from my tutor to say that after very few amendments my piece of work will be ready to hand in. Music to my ears. I was expecting considerable editing to be done.

So I will collect it next week, complete the changes then submit it for soft binding and then for marking. Not sure how long that takes but I have been assured that I could be graduating this summer if all goes to plan. 

Now I wish I had worked just a little harder on my course work so that my overall marks would be higher. A pass is a pass I know that but I will know what marks I get. I am a hard task master particularly on myself. 

So ... more of the waiting game. Someone has already planted a seed in my mind about doing a PHD after this. What a good idea. I may investigate that. 

At the moment work is chaotic and does not look likely to change until about May. I am submitting funding bids to keep us in existence. No pressure there then.  Part of me enjoys the buzz and yet I am nervous in case they are incomplete or at worst ineffective and unsuccessful. Not had any rejections yet but...........
The first one has been ok'd. Second one submitted today. Third one on Monday and so on until the end of March.
Each one is different so I can't even just produce a standard template.
It might also help if I knew what I was doing. So out of my comfort zone right now.

Wow what a boring blog post. ME ME ME.

This is obviously what I am thinking about just now so in a way I suppose that is what a blog is all about but I apologise for my self indulgence...................................... 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

First part of the end

I handed my dissertation in on Friday!!!!

That is the first part of the final chapter. I now wait for my tutor to come back with suggested amendments. Once they are done and agreed I get the work "soft-bound" then submit it for marking. Once it has passed (positive thinking) I then get it "hard bound".

Then I wait for graduation day.

This is such a biggie for me. Something that I persevered with for me.

I really can't say it was easy but in a way it was a buzz. The biggest buzz will be on the day I walk up and get my certificate. This will prove everything that my parents believed about me. They always thought I was more capable than I ever thought myself.  They were always so proud of everything I achieved no matter how small it was in real terms.

How lucky was I to have such support.

So on graduation day I am sure they will be looking down and smiling and nodding (with maybe a little tear).

Thanks you two; so glad you ALWAYS knew how much I loved you.....................................

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My next project

Once the dissertation has been handed in in its final state then this is my next project. My craft room is out of control and I want to enjoy spending time in there. Another mountain but  I can take my time...............

The final hurdle

I am so close to finishing my dissertation. The printer has run out of ink; I have done too many words for Chapter one and Phil is singing in my space!!!!

I will overcome all of this and finish and print it by Sunday evening ready to hand it in one day next week.

I can't even begin to say how much I want to hand this over now. I have enjoyed many aspects but the mountain has been enormous.

I am definitely going to have a rest from studying for the rest of the year
(unless something unmissable presents itself!!)

So this time next week I will be waiting to see how much editing needs to be done when my Tutor has had a look............wish me luck................