Thursday, 10 March 2011


I have started going to ZUMBA classes with Julie. Last night was our second visit. I remember when we did Salsa and I never wanted to make the effort to go but when we got there we had such a good laugh.

I am not quite at the laughing stage with ZUMBA yet as I am too busy watching what I am supposed to be doing.

I am attempting 80% of the moves but leaving out the low knee bends and not doing the hops or the double turns which make me dizzy.

The first week dragged and I kept looking at the clock but last night just flew by and we were doing our final stretches before I knew it. I was actually disappointed that it was time to go. That is novel.

I am aching this morning and asking myself why  I do it but my family and friends have already confirmed that I am mad so maybe that is why.

I suppose my reason is that my life needs to be filled to the maximum with fun things so I will never say no.

The thought of white water rafting next month is scaring me slightly but I know that I will be glad that I can put it on my list after I get through it. 

I just keep hoping that my energy levels cope with my wish list but I guess that is all in the mind anyway so bring it on as they say................................................

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Part Four

How typical is that. The references I have omitted are in a book that I no longer have. I am hoping it is in work but if it isn't then the references will have to be deleted.
All the other changes done and ready but then it all needs printing on premium paper.
Very nearly there....................................

My very special daughter

Yesterday I spent the day with Julie. We went to Manchester for a BOYZONE concert. It was a very emotional tribute to Steo. I went to the concert loving Ronan but came away loving them all. Thy are a wonderful bunch of down to earth lads doing what they love and desperately missing their buddy.

This trip was a gift from Julie and all day she would not let me pay for anything. We took a coach from Bangor and talked non stop for the 8hr return journey ( many pick ups). We both work really hard and don't see enough of each other but this more than made up for it.

We both agreed that it is days like yesterday that tell us how truly blessed we both are. Not everyone has a relationship with their daughter like that.

It was a wonderful day with my very special daughter.............

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Part three

I collected my work yesterday and was delighted to find only three comments. I have spoken to those who had several days of amendments and mine will take maybe half an hour. So this time next week it will be with the binders.
I know my tutor would not ket me submit anything less than a pass so I am really excited. REALLY excited............................................