Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sunday with friends

Looking forward to a lovely meal on Sunday at my favourite Rhiwafallen. It's Ralph's birthday treat and Phil and I will join him and Sheilagh to spend some time together. Phil does not get on with everyone now and all of his friends have deserted him since the accident but he gets on well with Ralph; they have some common interests and I can relax knowing that I won't have to worry about him.

Of course She and I are best buddies so we always have fun and laughter.

Good food, good company; what more could I want for a special Sunday.............

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Finding a balance

I love my children and their children and as I said to my daughter this morning "I made you all"!! Had a little help from Phil but mostly they are my creation. And they are wonderful.
I don't spend enough time with them but when I do the love is given and received in a natural way; no effort - just natural.

I love my job and have moulded it to suit my abilities and expectations. If I had the choice I would retire tomorrow but I do not have the choice so I am thankful that I have this job right now.

Home life however is a different matter. I wish I could carry my happiness over just a little to that. There are so many issues going on that I have given up trying to resolve them. Maybe if I stop being negative then things may improve but those of you who know me will agree that I have tried so so hard.................

So - finding the balance..

I have the best "best friend" in the world; many close friends who are always there for me and me them and at the moment I am healthy enough to continue doing the things that give me pleasure.

So today I will be grateful for the things that I have and not ponder too long on the things that I don't have.....................................

Friday, 26 November 2010

The Next Chapter

So all these thoughts of retiring need to go out of my head. I have been given a new challenge at work.
I had thought for the last two years that my efforts have been going un-noticed and that others had been getting the praise. Not so. Yesterday I had the full backing of my Committee to take on a new role alongside my existing work.

I am not phased and am already starting to formulate a plan. It will mean more travelling; more time out of the office; more interaction with professional organisations. I used to do all of these things before I started this job so am just going back to what I know.
At the moment this is just until March but if it works out it will be permanent.
If I am honest it has come at the best time as I had started to have itchy feet
( seven years in post)and wondered if I needed a change of direction. This gives me a change whilst staying with the organisation I love.

There is just one small point no increase in salary yet.

That would have made it perfect but I work for a charity and these days we are undervalued so until that changes then the staff are also expected to do their bit for the charity in working for much less than in the corporate world..........

So now I have enough challenges to keep me busy.
My concentration must be on:
1. My dissertation which has to be handed in at the end of the year
2. Organising two days for the new role whilst training someone to cover my office work whilst I am out
3. Trying to balance all this with home and friends
4. Still keep an eye on all the aims that I have and being realistic about them

WISH ME LUCK.........................................

Sunday, 14 November 2010


I am going off to my retreat with She on Friday. Seems like forever since I have seen her. She gives the best hugs in to world so I am hoping to overdose on them.

Home is still unsettled since the wedding but I am coping better than I usually do and can only think that because I am in the right I feel ok??

Work is crazy as usual and all the more reason for me to be looking forward to Friday and Monday off.

Still not back to daily posts but I do pop in to see everyone on a daily basis so just for me everyone please keep on blogging .............................

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Back to work

I have enjoyed being off even though I have been shackled to my laptop for 5 days. I have put a lot of work in but am disappointed that I did not finish it. Each time I found a subject I researched it some more!!
I would guess that about 5 more days should do it but I am not sure where those days are going to come from. I am busy every Saturday this month and only have one Sunday free!! So it will have to be snatched hours here and there.
It has to be handed in by the end of December as I have had 3 months extension already.
I think Phil will be glad to see me back to work today. He has had to be a little more active whilst I have been here although it has still been rising at noon every day!!
Work is going to be challenging since my colleague resigned. Waiting for my Management Committee to decide what to do but until then I am just doing my own stuff which is more than enough to keep me busy.................

Monday, 1 November 2010


Wish I had carried on with my speed typing training all those years ago. Never mind I am getting all the information typed up quite well but think I need a little walk now. Don't want to get DVT!!

Another couple of hours to do today and then full day tomorrow.
If I add it up I have probably spent around 17 hrs typing and researching so far. Had planned to do 16 hours over my 4 days off but once I get going I just don't want to stop.

Only one problem...once again I have not missed work at all!! I really could retire
(if I could afford to). I have so much to fill my time even after I have finished this dissertation. Wonder if it is the seven year itch. It will be 7 yrs in May since I started working for Cruse ( I volunteered for 3 years before that).

Anyway need to get that thought OUT of my head. I have a mortgage to pay and a lifestyle to maintain.................................