Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back to my comfort zone

Thanks for your comments ladies. Yes strange how many emotions can be experienced in a short space of time.
Yesterday I was back to work allbeit only for three days but it certainly is where I function well.
Always playing catch up but I don't miss too many deadlines. Would like to be able to delegate more but heh can't have everything.

I have been advised to get some liquid support- no not alcohol but tonic. Anyone got any recommendations?
Metatone and Seven Seas are two that have been mentioned. I once tried pro plus but had to be scraped off the ceiling so don't like them one bit!! And I have heard some strange stories about Red Bull !!!

I am starting with a lovely cold today so I hope it doesn't develop for the wedding on Saturday. Don't want to drown out the vows with my sniffing. Although I am sure I will shed a tear. I have been with Elaine and Jim from day one of their relationship and I couldn't be happier with the final outcome.

Dreams do come true as my friends frequently prove...............................


  1. I hope the cold disappears before Saturday and you all have a great day. Give my best to Elaine and Jim. Hope the sun shines on them.

    Love and miss you loads

    See you soon


  2. I hope it goes too darlin. This morning I look and sound disgusting . And I feel ever so slightly rough.
    You enjoy your weekend with the children too.

    Liverpool may not happen as Courtney (the young lady that Carol has one-to oned for the last 7 years) is in hospital having seizures. God love her she has endured far too much in her 14 years of life.
    In the grand scheme of it a trip to Liverpool is so unimportant in comparison.

    I will give Elaine your love. She is going for a pamper today to relax her ha ha.

    Love you too and miss you mountains.
    Need one of your bear hugs xxxxxxx

  3. I hope you don't get sick. I don't like any of the caffine drinks like redbull. I live on coke and dr pepper . Hope something works.