Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Good cholesterol bad cholesterol.......

Results of recent blood tests show my cholesterol as 6.3. Now some consider this high but my GP considers it average. My own sense tells me that if the ideal reading is 5 then 6.3 is obviously not ideal.
Julie and Phil both have high cholesterol but because my mother in law died of arterial schlerosis they are considered high risk. Perhaps I should suggest that Gary gets checked too?

So now I should look at our diet.......... Phil loves his chips and his fish and chicken so I just need to get the batter-free versions and change to jacket potatoes for him and hopefully that will help. I am a veggie so need to investigate further on what will be best for me.

As for my tiredness and "funny turns" I have been referred for a second opinion. I did have to push for it though. So many times I have "put up" with symptoms but this time I am concerned.  As we all know that can take months so I will just try and forget about it for now. I am quite snappy at the moment so if I can just control that until I find out why!!

I am actually doing a countdown right now for going away in December. I finish work on 7th December and don't go back until the New Year. Heaven knows who is going to do my work when I am off- I think maybe I am responsible for sorting that out!!!

It's dark this morning and I know we are heading for the clock changes. I hate that. I hate the dark mornings and I hate the dark evenings. I am definitely a sun lover; I hate wearing big coats. I always imagined that I would spend a lot of my later years abroad. My vision (plan) was to retire at 55 and then spend all the winter months in Spain. At one time I really wanted to go and live in Santa Ponsa in Majorca. I even had a job sorted.

But then things changed..........................................


  1. Cholesterol over 5.2 is high, so don't know what your gp is playing at. He sounds really LAZY, you have to push for everything there.

    When we win on the lottery you can live in the sun, as long as we have a private jet for weekends!!!



  2. That sounds like my kinda heaven xxxx