Friday, 12 October 2012

Pains in my arms?

Old age must be heading towards me with a vengience. I am starting to ache in places I never did before. The latest discomfort is my arms. I am either lying wrong in bed or ...........?
Last week I had what I can only describe as toothache in my left arm. I just wanted to keep it lifted up and if I hadn't been working I would have put it in a sling.
That eased off and today I have a similar feeling but worse in my right arm. It is painful typing this now. My muscle feels af if I have had severe cramp and as if it is brused. The pain actually goes right up into the back of my head and down to my fingertips.

I hate all this stuff as I have far too much to do to.

Today is the dreaded meeting with my new tutor. She is the one who marked my (deemed acceptable by previous tutor) work and brutalised it. GCSE level she said. It took me a while to decide to continue and I am still not sure I can take the pressure but lets see how she is with me today......................x

Then hopefully a crafty weekend with my bezzy if she is well enough. It seems as if there are bugs flying all over the country. Workshops takeaway and DVD are on the agenda for the weekend so hopefully......or if not it will be sitting on this couch knowing I am not allowed to file my nails....that's a new rule!!!

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