Thursday, 18 October 2012

The last post

Blow the trumpets I am closing this blog. I really thought that I could come back and share my life again but I am finding that it is just too hard. I am dealing with too much and seeing it in black and white is not helping.

  • Work is stressful
  • Home is stressful
  • Health is worrying
  • My mind is not in a good place

I am still just about managing to show a "normal" face most days but even that is getting harder and "being nice" is taking some effort.
I have become a grumpy old b***h according to the mirror and also according to himself who I keep snapping at (with just cause in my opinion but I don't even trust my opinions right now)!!

So best to sign off here and  put my efforts into just being able to cope.......................
Thanks for those who have been there for me xxx

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